Accounting Software Guidance

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HYBRID ICT are available to offer guidance and support on choice and setup of Accounting Software.

myob v xero

Accounting Software Guidance

HYBRID ICT are available to offer guidance on the choice of, benefits and drawbacks of moving from Client-Server or On-Premise (Server) Accounting Systems to cloud based alternatives.

Many accounting software packages that started from PC or Server based programs have now moved to being semi-cloud based (MYOB) to totally cloud-based (XERO)

Although many of our clients still use traditional Client/Server Accounting Software Packages such as MYOB Account Right , Quickbooks, Cashflow Manager etc. a growing number are turning to totally cloud-based alternatives such as XERO.

HYBRID ICT recommend the implementation of XERO for new and smaller business just starting out. More established companies with experience in using XERO would be better advised in staying with MYOB, especially as more and more of the products are becoming semi-cloud-based.

HYBRID ICT can assist clients moving to or newly implementing XERO cloud Accounting systems in partnership with your accounting partners.

HYBRID ICT can also assist clients in upgrading and troubleshooting clients in upgrading MYOB to current semi-cloud based versions

For our rates, charges and terms, please contact us.

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