Cyber Security Services


HYBRID ICT are experts in the prevention-of and recovery-from Cyber Attacks including hacking of Servers, Workstations, Data, Email accounts and Websites.

Recovery Cyber Attack Services

Businesses who are victims of Cyber Attacks have considerably better chances of a quick and full-recovery, if ample preventative measures had already been put in place.

Unfortunately the majority of clients who seek our services had few measures in place so our ability to return them to the point before the attacks took place is usually limited or expensive (time-consuming).

In the case of Ransomware and Cryptolocker virus attacks, we do not recommend paying the request ransom (usually in Bitcoin) under any circumstance. You may recover some data by paying the ransom but it is rarely a complete success and provides a stimulus for the attacks to proliferate.

Preventative Cyber Attack Services

It is impossible to guarantee 100% that a concerted cyber attack can be prevented. What HYBRID ICT can guarantee is that the great majority of attacks can be prevented or stopped and the one-in-a-million attack that does succeed, can be recovered from quickly with minimal business downtime and data-loss.

The preventative cyber-security measures HYBRID ICT employ, that includes:

  1. Deploying 24/7 Anti-Virus/Web Protection & Remote Monitoring Software on clients Servers and Workstation that:
    • Managed Antivirus for and Mac provides best-in-class protection against Malware and viruses.
    • Content Filtering prevents Servers and Workstations connecting to websites containing Malware or fake login pages (Phishing Sites)
    • Patching known vulnerabilities in workstation and server software (Windows, Adobe Reader, Java etc) with the latest updates thus fixing vulnerabilities.
    • Stopping phishing emails containing malware and bad links getting through to Mailboxes by deploying Advanced Threat Protection
    • Proactive Monitoring provides automatic Daily Safety Checks to proactively monitor Windows [server and workstation] Linux [server] and Mac [workstation] devices.
  2. Upgrading client email services to best-in-class Business-Email, Microsoft
  3. Configuring Microsoft Hosted Exchange to prevent known hacking techniques such as email forwarding and spoofing.
  4. Employing Disaster Recovery measures such as backing up of Servers, Workstations, OneDrive/Sharepoint data and images locally and in .
  5. Securing Microsoft and Business account access with Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) aka -Authentication (2FA)

HYBRID ICT also recommend that business insurances includes comprehensive Cyber Insurance Protection policies. (According to a recent survey the average cyber security breach causes an average of US$149,000 in damages)

Keeping your business protected from cyber-threats requires more than just off the shelf Anti-Virus software. Our Managed Services Software solution delivers enterprise-class protection, and is maintained 24/7 by our Network Operations Center, keeping your business secure while saving you money. Contact us today for a free quote!

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