Website Hosting, Support, Fixes

HYBRID ICT host, support and maintain corporate websites and shopping portals for a number of small to medium sized businesses.

  • Hosting
  • Website Porting/Migrating, Upgrading and Transferring to
  • Website Support and Fixes

Website Hosting

At Hybrid ICT we specialise in , fixing, maintaining and developing affordable, professional, customisable and self-manageable websites using the WordPress platform.

Our Website Hosting packages start from $240 per year and are hosted on our server in Sydney, Australia.

Website Support & Fixes

Hybrid ICT also offer emergency support to websites we do not host, these include fixing DNS issues, fixing HACKED, HIJACKED, ENCRYPTED and INFECTED Websites.

Website Porting & Migrating to WordPress

Once Hybrid ICT takes over, creates or ports an existing website, we immediately give full control back to the client

If you cannot simply update the content of your own website without paying your website developer, then you are being held to ransom. All our clients have full-control of their websites and can make any changes, add content or have someone else take over it’s running.

A scenario we hear all too often. Having spend $5, $10 sometimes $15,000 or more on a superb new shiny website, 6 months down the track, you realise that to simply update a phone number or to add a news item, you have to then re-employ the website developers, who then want to charge a huge amount of money for a task that would only take you 5 minutes. …. if only you had control of your own website.

We will copy and move your existing site to the WordPress platform that can then be easily updated by anyone, including yourself.

WordPress is the most widely used platform for websites in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. WordPress has over 2,000 themes with the vast majority being FREE and most of the PAID theme’s under $100.

At Hybrid ICT we specialise in the migration of old websites to the WordPress platform and hosting them Australian (Sydney) web servers. Most website hosting services are hosted on servers outside of Australia. This means these servers are outside the jurisdiction of Australian authorities and Australian Data Protection laws may not be enforceable.

When Hybrid ICT take over, port or create a new website for you, we will also allow in our quote for a basic-SEO

Our basis SEO setup includes the following:

  • Creating Site Title, Site Description and Keyword setup to ensure search engines index the site correctly
  • Setting up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to measure site traffic, keyword analysis and creating XML sitemap
  • Registering site on Google My Business, and

How to get your Business listed on Google, Bing and Apple!

Contact us for a quote to host, setup or migrate your website or domain.

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