Website Hosting & Internet Marketing

HYBRID ICT host, support and maintain corporate websites and shopping portals, provide internet marketing and basic SEO service to small and medium sized businesses.


Hybrid ICT offer a number of services related to Websites, Internet Marketing & Domains, including:

Domain Names

To be taken seriously and professionally in Business you need to have a domain (email address and website address) that brands your company and makes you identifiable from others.

In Australia, companies are only allowed to register domain names that match or are relevant to their Australian Business Name (ABN)

Therefore “ABC Pty Ltd” can register “” or “” (if available) or similar but cannot register “” etc.

Most popular domain names have already been taken years ago, before regulation started but if you find your company domain has been taken by a company that has no claim over it, legal (expensive) channels are available if you are prepared to pay the fees. It is much easier to choose another domain that is similar.

At Hybrid ICT we look after the Domain names of multiple companies

Our services include

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Renewals
  • Domain DNS Setup (Website & Emails)

For our rates, charges and terms, please contact us.