Business Phone & PABX Services

supply and including voice services and equipment to many small to medium sized local companies.

Our solutions include migration off existing PABX and handsets to supply, installation and of new IP handsets and virtual PABX including incoming call routing menu, voice mail, voicemail forwarding to , time-based redirection and time-based custom messages systems from 1 to 130 lines.

Businesses can reduce their telephone costs by up to 66% by replacing their current PABX system with a .

Cloud based PABX systems allow businesses to cancel their telephone line rentals and ditch their old PABX systems and receive and make calls using their Internet Connection, all without losing their telephone numbers (including 1300 and 1800 numbers)

In addition, many optional extra features are available such as incoming call routing menu (“dial 1 for Sales, Dial 2 for Technical ” etc), voice mail, voicemail forwarding to email, time-based redirection, time-based custom messages.

Depending on the size of the system you need, choose from 1 to 130 lines plans.


Any model of VOIP handsets can be used with our systems although we recommend phones from or Grandstream.

Handsets available can be wired or wire-less (connecting using w-fi) which provides for greater flexibilty and huge savings on cabling and wiring costs.

Other Advantages of choosing HYBRID ICT to setup your Cloud based PABX

  • based company can configure, setup, install and assist in maintaining your telephone system.
  • Our provider is an Australian company and has Australian Technical support experts. No dealing with Philippine or Indian call centers.
  • Setup an extension anywhere in the world you have an Internet Connection using your Australian Telephone Number, calls between extensions are free of charge.
  • Using a “soft-phone” application on your iPhone or Android smart-phone, use your phone as an extension if you have an internet connection, calls between extensions are free of charge.

For a quote to purchase, setup and configure a cloud PABX system and handsets, please contact us