How to Contact Helpdesk Support (Mac)

How to contact Hybrid ICT Helpdesk and receive help and support (Managed Clients – Mac)

If your company has a Bronze, Silver or Gold Managed IT Support plan with Hybrid ICT, then help is only a couple of clicks away.

Quickest Method – Submit a Support ticket from your Mac

Lodge a ticket through the IT Support icon on your Mac Desktop, found in the top right task-bar. Look for the Green-Gear-Icon


(If you do not see the icon, contact us using Method 2 below and inform our technician that the icon is missing)

Upon clicking the icon, a menu appears, select “Create HelpDesk Ticket

Enter your email address, subject and message, into the message box

…and click on the Send button to submit

By submitting Helpdesk Tickets this way, we can access your computers details and gain remote access much quicker and without loading other programs such as TeamViewer or having Outlook working

Method 2 – Email

Second fastest but much slower method of recieving assistance is by emailing our ticketing system using the email address

(Do not email our management or employees directly as they only monitor personal emails once a day and not on weekends or holidays)

This method is not as quick, as we then have to contact you by return email or phone to find out which computer the issue is on by asking you to click on the ^ chevron symbol to reveal the hidden icons and click on the green “IT Support” icon as above

To identify your computer click on “About”

And a window such as this will appear

You will then need to relay this information to us, so we can identify the computer you are using perform remedial action to remedy the situation

Method 3 – Call and leave a message

The slowest method of receiving support is via a telephone call

All calls go into a queue and it maybe many minutes before we answer the call and then only during business hours. Call us on 08 6245 2117 and leave a voice message and someone will get back in touch via phone ASAP.

If you cannot find the “IT Support” icon on your computer, we can also use TeamViewer remote-access program to provide support. If you already have TeamViewer installed on your computer, open it and provide us with the Teamviewer ID and password.

If you do not have TeamViewer installed, you can find it here.

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