if you have Apple QuickTime installed on a PC, you should uninstall immediately

Back in 2016 US-CERT recommends the removal of for but we are still coming across client computers with it still installed. It is a and should be removed immediately.


If you have QuickTime installed on a Windows-based PC, you should uninstall it immediately. Apple announced back in 2016 that they’re no longer supporting the product in any way, including issuing security updates.

Incredibly, many Windows PC users did not get the message.

Check out this link for more information

In Windows 10 you can check if you have it installed as follows:

Start Windows Icon -> Settings -> Apps & Features

Scroll down and look for “” or “Quicktime Player” or “Quicktime 7”

remove quicktime for windows

Or simply search for “Quicktime

search for quicktime

If found, select it and uninstall any programs associated with “Quicktime

remove quicktime


Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features

remove quicktime windows 7


Remember to restart the PC to ensure it has been properly removed.

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