How to get your Business listed on Google, Bing and Apple!

Is your business properly listed on Google, Bing and Apple? If not you could be missing out on business.

If you want customer to find your business using the internet you need to be listed on a minimum three search engines and navigation sites.

  • Google (Search and Maps)
  • Binge (Search and Maps)
  • Apple (Maps)

Google dominates internet search with around 60% of all searches but has been losing a little bit of ground to Microsoft’s Bing recently due to Bing being the default search engine on Windows 10 devices. Bing Maps are also a default on Windows 10 devices whereas Google Maps has dominated Map searches for some time.

Bing, Yahoo and the rest make up the other 40% of all internet searches.

For Google Search and Google Maps use Google my Business

For Bing Search and Bing Maps use Bing Places For Business

To verify your business location, you will be sent out a postcard by snail-mail containing a verification code. Your full listing may not become live until you have entered the verification code off the postcard. And don’t be impatient, the postcard could take 1 to 4 weeks to arrive.

What about Apple Maps?

If you use an Apple iPhone, iDevice, Computer or the Siri personal assistant you may not have realised it but they default to using Apple Maps for navigation. Just because your company is listed on Google and Bing does not mean it shows up on Apple Maps.

Apple Maps takes information from a number of sources including “Yelp” but the only sure way to ensure Apple users find you, is to add your own company by going to

… and sign in with an Apple ID.

Follow the prompts and confirm your location and within a short time, your business will appear on Apple Maps and Siri.

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